Workpackage 3 - the action plan to activate ECVET

Duration: 3 months (02/2014 - 04/2014)


  • Collection, analysis, transfer and adaptation of experiences and best practices already realised on transparency and recognition of competences and qualifications, and on ECVET process activation
  • Definition, on the basis of relevant experiences and best practices, of a coherent plan of activities for activating the ECVET process to the common European perimeter of professional figures, profiles, and qualifications for service sector concerned by facilitymanagement activities, existing in National and Regional Qualification Frameworks and VET systems of each participating country, defined within previous work package 2.


  • Action plan for the ECVET process to be activated in the field of faciltymanagemprofessional figures  in no core activities related to the health care sector with focus on logistic.

Languages: EN, ES, IT, BG  

Deliverable date: 04/2014

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