Status Workpackage 1 - Kick-off meeting


Minutes of launching meeting

In the middle. ECVET for transparency and recognition of learning outcomes and qualifications in “integrated health care logistics”

Madrid 17 and 18 of December, 2013 at the premises of the Confederación Empresarial de Sociedades Laborales de España (CONFESAL) street Vallehermoso 15, 1 º, 28015 Madrid.

List of attendees of the working day:

Umberto Lepri (SNS); Stefano Lupi (SNS); Tosho Kyrov (Facility Management Institute); Iliyana Pascaleva (Facility Management Institute); Enrico Libera (SNS Found.); Linda Hausmanis (BIFM); Lorena Corral (FFEuskadi); M.Antonietta Lisena (IFMA Italy); Vittorio Serafini (SNS Foundation); Giuseppe Gallinari (SNS); Francesc Abad (CONFESAL); Mª Jesús Pedraza (Asalma); Susana Rodríguez (Asalma); José Luis Núñez (CONFESAL); Gianluca Pastorelli (DIESIS);  Julián Menéndez (Asalma).

14.30 – 19.00 Tuesday 17 of December:

The general coordinator of Confesal, D. Francesc Abad welcomes the partners present at the meeting, and requests involving each of them for presentation to the rest of the participants.

Representatives of the Fondazione Scuola Nazionale Servizi (SNS) of Italy, Umberto Leppi and Enrico Libera made ​​a general presentation of the project (active and associate membership, objectives, activities and expected results).

After the general presentation of the project partners agree on the schedule of meetings for its development along its entire length, stating that this schedule may be subject to change.

The scheduleisagreedas follows:

Second Meeting: Italy,  26-27 February 2014 ( Roma).

Third Meeting: Spain,  27-28 May 2014 (Madrid).

Fourth Meeting: Bulgaria, 8-9 October 2014 (Sofia).

Fifth Meeting: England, 11-12 March 2015 (London).

Final Meeting: Belgium, 15-16 September 2015 (Brussels).

Given the flexibility in the conduct of the meeting, the participants asking Enrico Liebera  to continue the development of explanations about planning project work. The first day of the meeting ended at 19.00 h on schedule.

WednesdayDecember 18, 2013from 9:00to 14:00

Confesal president, José María Algora, intervenes to welcome Spain to the project partners, thanking them for their support and highlighting the importance for Confesal to develop the coordination of the proyect.

The general coordinator of Confesal, Francesc Abad, explained attendees the management and coordination of the consortium and the project itself, and the objectives of its development by Confesal, which is the organization that will coordinate the project.

Francesc Abad informed the meeting that Confesal is preparing a specific corporate image for the project, which will be sent to all partners in order that they can assess their design and include it in the project website that Confesal is developing.

Then the representative of the SNS Foundation, Enrico Libera, intervenes to develop the rest of the project planning, making a detailed presentation of the 8 work packages that this program has to develop along its length.

Project partners are informed about the budget, as well as the calendar of economic contributions to the partners for the development of the expected activities.

Presentation, discussion and validation "Project Quality Operative Plan" (belonging to work package 7) is performed taking out the design of activities and tools of project quality.

The partners agree to the following conclusion to this journey meeting:

  • Confesal will send to all partners the list of attendees and their contacts so you can set the intercoordination among all participants.
  • Confesal will send the contract that partners must sign to develop the proyect.
  • Partners should have a research tool for the work package 2, which will be sent to you by email in order that they can fill it before the conclusion scheduled meeting for 26 and 27 February in Rome. This tool must be completed before February 14, 2014, with the aim analyzed at that meeting in Rome.

There being no further business to deal, the meeting finalized at 14:00.