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Quality Partnership

The project Consortium and partnership includes all the skills, recognized expertise and competences required to carry out efficiently, effectively and professionally all aspects of the work programme, since the participation of enterprises Associations, training centres, .. operating in the field of Integrated Health Care Logistic across Europe (CONFESAL and ASALMA which include companies and workers of the sector (15.000 companies and 75.000 workers), IFMA, FMI, BFM, EOOD, Organisations related to the Facilities Management); public institutions having competence on VET (as the Umbria Region) and organisations specialised in VET matter with specific know how on transparency and recognition of competences and qualifications and in LLP projects too (Aris Formazione e Ricerca Società Cooperativa and Fondo Formación Euskadi).

It is also to remark that the Consortium expertise includes the human key resources already supporting the scientific and technical work for the implementation of the ECVET process within the LdV ToI projects.

The different natures, knowledge and experiences of the partners, and their previous experience in European projects will achieve the established results with the desired success.

The Consortium is characterized by an appropriate distribution of tasks and a balanced implication of different partners in the implementation of the work programme, taking into account the complementary competencies, the nature of the activities and the countries involved.

The partner organisms will ensure an effective cooperation and communication among them through: - the continuous activity, step by step marked by transnational meetings in each participating Country, of the organs into which is articulated the organizational structure of the transnational partnership : the Steering Committee, Secretariat and Group of Transnational Work;

  • the on-line platform In the Middle, real laboratory inside and outside the partnership (as well as window of the work unwound and fundamental technical support to the further developments of the project). Of the three “virtual spaces” in which the on-line platform will consist of (space of activity and common analysis for the community of practice of the partners, space of application and use of the project’s tools, space of interactive and illustrative materials at public disposal), the first one will be accessible only by the project key figures of each partner, for the development of communication and technical and administrative project management activities (although the partners will use also the virtual space intended to the application and use of the project tools, which nevertheless will have much wider accessibility compared to the partnership, as used also by all the subjects directly involved and / or interested in the activities that the project intends to support: enterprises associations, training providers,.. active in the sector). The partners will also be in constant connection through Skype, e-mail, fax and telephone as necessary. During the development of a transnational project conflicts between partners could appear due to the different nature and origin of the entities. Therefore, following the philosophy of continuous improvement, we will develop a quality plan to be reviewed and updated following the aims of each WP.

Strengthen or improve actions will be taken according with the results obtained in the different evaluations made during the project. The aim of the project will be to get a useful and good quality results according with the identified needs.

It is expected to be subcontracted to other entities outside of the Association, translation of materials and those activities that the partners of IN THE MIDDLE have not enough internal resources or experience to do them.

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