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If we think of the health sector, only in terms of the number of workers, we can say that it is the largest or one of the largest 'businesses' in each of the different EU countries. In addition, according to published studies, it is estimated that 46% of a hospital’s total operating budget is spent on logistics related activities. It means that if we take into account that all its activities involve an important logistics component, we can say that the logistics of the health sector plays a key role in the success in healthcare management.

At the same time, it is important to remain that the analysis of CEDEFOP "Skills Needs in Europe Focus on 2020" indicates that Health Care is the sector where more jobs, called “white jobs”, are going to be created from now until 2025. Therefore, logistic professionals trained and qualified directly linked to health care sector will be demanded to cover future market needs.

The EU has set for 2020 the objective of getting an employment rate of 75% for women and men from 20 to 64 years old. LLL is a key to take profit of the 16 million increases of highly qualified employments and to palliate the decrease of 12 million of scarcely qualified employments in the 2020 scenario. To satisfy now and future demand for services and products, European logistics operator offers concrete and expanding job opportunities to a large number of people, in a very diversified range of activities and qualifications across European countries and regions. It would be an effective work to go deeper into the cross - border competences (of the several professionals involved) of the supply chain with special focus on “integrated health care logistics”.

Qualifications are often not clearly defined in terms of learning outcomes but also frequently regulated, in terms of access to the training and qualification opportunities, in a way that, in fact, is very limiting as regards mobility beyond the VET systems “borders” (confines of national/regional VET systems, barriers to the mobility within a particular VET system; obstacles to mobility outside the formal education). In consonance with the objectives of Europe Strategy 2020, the project “In the middle” has to use and encourage systematically the European transparency instruments EQF, ECVET and Europass to favour the mobility among the States within the “integrated health care logistics” sector. (Prio LEO-TraInno-11: ECVET for transparency and recognition of learning outcomes and qualifications).

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