Goals and Objectives

Since one of main factors of limitation to learning and work opportunities, and to mobility beyond VET systems, in the logistics and more in general in the facility management sector, is identified in lacking definition and certification, across Europe, of their knowledge, skills and competences, the project intends apply EQF and ECVET to these professionals, defining this field of qualification in terms of learning outcomes, mapping it onto EQF via national qualifications frameworks and systems, designing qualifications in learning outcomes transferable units with credit points allocation, designing related VET programmes with flexible devices to validate, transfer and recognise learning outcomes achieved in formal, informal and non formal contexts. At these aims are foreseen the following objectives:

  • analyze the logistics sector professional figures (with focus in the no-core integrated health care supply-chain services) in European VET systems, classifying them within EQF across participating Countries, and identifying a professional figure/s common perimeter;
  • define an action plan to activate an ECVET process for these figures, starting from collection, analysis, adaptation of already realized best practices on transparency/recognition of competences/qualifications, and on ECVET process activation;
  • define professional figure/s in terms of activities/tasks/competences/learning outcomes units/ECVET credits;
  • define and formalize (partners and competent/interested organisations) a Memorandum of Understanding
  • MoU ECVET for the professional figures; - define and formalize (by professionals, enterprises, training agencies, public responsible body and trade unions) ECVET Learning Agreements describing, in compliance with MoU, the training processes in formal/informal/non formal contexts, and related ECVET credits to be obtained;
  • award to involved professionals, by concerned training agencies at training end, ECVET credits related to verified learning outcomes, utilizing Europass; transfer, validate and accumulate the awarded ECVET credits in sectoral / territorial VET systems involved in MoU.

The project foresees the transfer of two innovative experiences and methodological approaches of defining and recognising employees’ skills and abilities thei adaptation to the facility management of the health care sector with focus on logistic in the European Union.

The first one is provided by the project LdV ToI “HtC - Highlight the Competences” (LLP-LDV/TOI/2007/IT/305) (http://www.highlightcompetences.eu). With this project, In The MIDDLE shares its interest in transparency, recognition, accumulation and transference of the professional qualifications. Firstly In The MIDDLE intends to transfer HtC in geographical terms, by involving the expertise and the skills of partners that have been already involved in HtC (ITA, ES), to other European countries (BE, UK and BG). Secondly, in sectorial terms, In The MIDDLE transfers results from construction in cleaning and logistics services in the case of HtC to facility management’s professional figures of “Integrated Health Care Logistic”.

The second transfer is as well sectorial and geographical, and derives from the international experience set out by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). This experience represents a new and innovative method of definition of competences and learning outcomes and awarding of certification for the world wide facility management sector and, more specifically, for the facility managers. The challenge will be to translate an "international system" into the European one. The results of this system of learning awards could be seen at the following web link http://www.ifma.org/ for an international overview, and at http://www.ifma.it/ and http://www.bifm.org.uk for the Italian and UK specific cases.

In the Middle project methodological approaches and tools are directly borrowed from the forecasts of the ECVET Recommendation of June 18th 2009 and related to the organizational, technical and qualitative aspects connected with the ECVET: description of qualifications in units of learning (based on the approach "Démarche Européenne de Professionnalisation Durable" - DEPD), model of MoU for the establishment of the ECVET partnership, models of documents for the transfer and the accumulation of LO, as the model for the Learning Agreements and the certification model Europass Certificate Supplement for the transcription on the personal booklet of the valued results of learning and of the ECVET unities and points attributed to the beneficiary of the training.


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