The experience is a treasure The Master Plan


Innovative results in which the project is based

The project LdV TOI "Highlight the Competences" (HTC) has supported an ECVET process concretely implemented, through the signing and the application of the first Memorandum of Understanding in Europe, establishing the European partnership for the activation of the ECVET system in relation to the processes of evaluation / transfer / validation of learning outcomes, with the correlated ECVET points, among the IFP systems involved by the MoU for the professional qualification of "Site Supervisor in Cleaning Services " (such a qualification, with the denomination "foreman construction / general contractor in cleaning services " has become part, since the beginning of 2010, of the regional system of the professional, training standards, of certification and of attestation of the Umbria Region, after its formal adhesion to the MoU in October 2009).

The HTC project belongs to the selection of ECVET pilot projects presented in Brussels in November 2009 by DG Education and Culture during the EQARF-ECVET Launching Conference "Moving from principles to implementation”. In fact, the adoption of the results of HTC extends approaches and directly usable tools for ECVET process that the new project aims to enable (in particular, the MoU, the Learning Agreemens, the Europass Certificate Supplement, the DEPD approach for the description of qualifications in units of learning outcomes).

It is believed that the added value of the intervention “In the Middle” compared to the HtC project consists above all in the adaptation and in the implementation in a new sector of the approaches and tools already tested by the latter in the sector of the cleaning services and in course of experimentation in that of constructions, with the purposes of the introduction and of the development of the ECVET system in the professional sector of the Integrated Health Care Logistic. It is hoped, in particular, that the development of the ECVET system activated in such a sector by “In the Middle” could help to support concretely the processes of permanent learning for the professions of the Integrated Health Care Logistic and to facilitate the mobility among the territorial and sectorial IFP systems.

It is remarked that the initial developer of the innovations being transferred, that is the consortium of the HtC project, was coordinated by Aris Formazione which is founding member of Scuola Nazionale Servici Foundation and member of this new partnership. SNS signed the MoU of the project. At the same time, ONBSI (associated partner of In the Middle) signed the MoU of “Highlight the Competences” project. See "Highlight the Competences" project in the website

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